Impact Sportz Austin Youth Basketball

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Selecting an offense –
1. Offense is ever changing however I think its important to have a staple offense that your team and program can run to fall back on.
2. A blend of all three-motion/read and react, continuity, and sets. You have to be able to grind , execute and then just be able to play.
3. Offense built on what you have for personale and strengths
4. Don’t follow fads, but stick to what works for you
5. Youth Program should follow your staple
6. Breakdown drills should reflect your offense

.Type of COACH
The System Coach
The system coach has major offensive system that they will run every year.
The “Non-System” Coach
The non-system basketball coach changes each year depending on the type of basketball player they have in their school.


Ep 2
Motion Offense
This includes a non-scripted offense that that will be different each time down the court. Examples: Motion, Read and React, Dribble Drive
Continuity Offenses
This is a more structured offense. Examples would be the Flex/Swing, Shuffle, Triangle.
Called Play Offenses
A set of called plays that will have a given objective. Example: UCLA High/Low Offense.
Quick Hitter Offenses
This offense would have a play in which 1 or 2 passes and then a shot or look at the baket. Quick Hitters…Can Flow into a Continuity or Motion Offense.
Zone Offense
Will Work against a specific Zone Offense ( either an odd or even front).