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GMAT test-day routines can help you be more successful when you go to take the exam. Here we cover two test-day routines: a GMAT pre-performance routine for before the test and a GMAT reset routine for any distractions during the exam. Practice these so that they become second nature by the time you take the actual GMAT test.

First, we will go through the pre-performance routine. This is a repetitive series of steps that you do before the actual GMAT test, but also before each practice session. Think of an optimal time of day, choose an activity that will help you reach your optimal energy level, and engage with imagery at the start of each practice session.

Second, the GMAT is three hours long and you will experience distractions during the exam, so you want a reset routine to get back on track to reach your peak performance. Design your own routine that you can use every day during practice. Recognize when you are stuck, release the distraction with personalized action, and refocus your attention and move forward. Make sure to incorporate your pre-performance and reset routines every time you do a GMAT practice exam.