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Why is Impact the top-rated Georgetown AAU Basketball training program?

Impact Sportz is an Georgetown Youth Basketball based program that originally started in Chicago Illinois by Lonnie Welch and Toron Clark. Since 2000 they have been producing some of the best girls and boys athletes in Chicago. Now relocated to Georgetown Texas, they have jump-started a basketball training program locally, with the same thoughts and training strategy. They have begun building an elite staff of coaches and players and just like Chicago they are training some of the top athletes here in Georgetown Texas.

Their mission as a Texas youth basketball program is to create a fun, safe, and invigorating environment. They want to teach our youth the game of basketball, maximize their skills, and build the self-esteem of each boy and girl with whom they have contact with their basketball teams.


Here are the 6 top elements we focus on in our basketball program.

Basketball Mental Toughness

It is described as having the ability to persevere through difficult circumstances and merge without losing confidence. Basketball Mental toughness is a battle between mind, body, and soul. Your mind must be in full control you must be able to think out, outwit, and out-maneuver your opponent.

To perform to the best of your abilities you must be in tip-top shape, and your body must be a well-oiled machine. Meaning you should be ready to accept all tasks. Your soul should be open and willing to take the tasks that are presented to you. We at IMPACT take great pride in teaching the mental aspect of the game. Our mental toughness training allows players to tap into emotional and mental resources that keep players playing at their top level.

Proper Shooting Techniques

Shooting a jump shot can be as simple as grabbing a ball and heaving it up to the basket. If it was only that easy! But shooting a basketball with proper shooting techniques takes skill, technique, and practice. We teach techniques that make it very simple to become a great shooter almost overnight. If a player follows the techniques and tips, we teach their shooting will go through the roof very quickly and high school coaches love it.

Offensive Awareness

As everybody knows the offense is everyone’s favorite part of any sport. We want to see the ball going into the basket, the football gets into the end zone, and the baseball get hit over the fence. What all of these sports have in common is technique.

When a coach evaluates a player, these are some of the things that are going through that coach’s head. Can this player score, can they attack the basket, can they shot a jump shot and can they read and react offense and score in the flow of the game? Our job as a select basketball program is to make sure that your child is prepared as well as having fun and learning valuable life lessons as players.

Ball Handling

Ball handling is the focal point of what we teach on the court. Becoming a great player you must be a very good ball handler. This allows you to do many things on the court and to be a more effective player for your team. Being a great ball-handler allows coaches to place kids in multiple different positions.

As a coach, I always look to find great ball handlers not just point guard but at all passions, it allows me to do many things with my offense. When your child leaves our program and goes back to their school team we make sure that they understand how to dribble a ball, and how to be effective when the ball is in their hands.

Defensive Awareness

I’ve always felt offense keeps you in the game defense wins championships. The defense is one of the hardest skills in basketball, and this is because most kids prefer just to score and not actually play defense. If you look through the years and research any sport, there aren’t many teams that have become champions without playing defense.

We teach the fundamentals of defending a player. We teach man-to-man, zone, and full-court press. These are some of the most common defenses played by many middle and high school programs. We feel that if we can instill all of these elements in our Georgetown Texas Youth Basketball son and daughter they will be well versed when it comes time to play for their local school team.

Basketball IQ

In our youth program, we teach that basketball IQ is the ability to read and react to what is going on in the basketball court. This is having the capacity to adjust to what is going on around a person’s surroundings. For example, Michael Jordan was considered to have one of the highest basketball IQ along with outstanding athleticism. He would and adjusts to whatever the defense was doing to him, and from an offensive standpoint, he would twist and twirl his body in different directions to score baskets.

To have a good basketball IQ a person must actually understand the game. A person with low IQ is someone who does not know how to adapt to a lot of the basketball situations, sometimes forcing note that shots sometimes, making a bad defense of decisions and also not knowing where they need to be on the court. We spend a lot of time making sure our player’s basketball IQ goes up this is one of the important parts of the game.