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In this video you will learn some of the essential speed, agility and quickness drills that help young soccer players take their game to the next level. Coach Dragan will walk you through some of the basic drills that he uses on a weekly basis when training his U8-U10 travel soccer teams.

⚽Video Content:

00:22 – Two Steps Forward/Back
01:07 – Sideways Right/Left Foot
01:43 – One Foot & Accelerate
02:34 – Lead Foot Forward Skip
03:10 – Sideway Skip Lead Foot
03:44 – Inside/Outside Lead Foot
04:30 – Ladder Shuffle
04:55 – Ladder Shuffle + Passing Right
05:52 – Ladder Shuffle + Passing Left
06:33 – Ladder Shuffle + Pass/Open/Pass

⚽About WLSC:
West Loop Soccer Club is a premier youth soccer program for children ages 2-14 located in downtown Chicago. We use this channel to post instructional videos for our members to work on their skills outside of training sessions that are already provided by the club. However, videos are not only limited to our members. We encourage anyone who is interested in improving their skills to use this page as a resource to take their game to the next level. All that is needed is a soccer ball, small space and a desire to improve!

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