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Are you looking to improve your basketball skills and make your middle or high school team? Look no further than Impact Austin youth basketball! 

Our program is the #1 choice for competitive players, with a range of teams, camps, clinics, and small personal group training to help you reach your full potential. Join us and take your game to the next level.


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Our top-rated Austin AAU training program is the perfect choice. Our team is dedicated to helping young players develop their skills and succeed on and off the court.

We believe in the power of hard work and dedication to achieve greatness, and we are committed to helping our players reach their full potential as young men and women. Join us and start your journey towards success today.

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Since 2010

Impact Sportz is a youth basketball program founded in Chicago in 2000 by Lonnie Welch and Toron Clark. The program has a strong track record of producing top-level girls and boys athletes in Chicago. After relocating to Austin, Texas, Impact Sportz has opened a local training focused on developing the skills and abilities of young athletes in the Austin area. The program is building a team of elite coaches and players, and is dedicated to helping some of the top kids in Austin reach their full potential on the basketball court.

Their mission in Texas is to create a fun, safe, active, and stimulating environment for ages 5-17. Their goal was running classes to teach our youth the game of basketball, maximize their skills, and build the self-esteem of each boy and girl they have contact with their basketball teams.

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Here are the 6 top elements we focus on in our youth basketball program.

Basketball Mental Toughness

It is described as having the ability to persevere through difficult circumstances and merge without losing confidence. Mental toughness is a battle between mind, body, and soul. Your mind must be in full control you must be able to think out, outwit, and out-maneuver your opponent. To perform to the best of your abilities you must be in tip-top shape, and your body must be a well-oiled machine.

Proper Shooting Techniques

Shooting a jump shot can be as simple as grabbing a ball and heaving it up to the basket. If it was only that easy! But shooting a ball with proper shooting techniques takes skill, technique, and practice. We teach techniques that make it very simple.

Basketball IQ

Shooting a jump shot can be as simple as grabbing a ball and heaving it up to the basket. If it was only that easy! But shooting a basketball with proper shooting techniques takes skill, technique, and practice. We teach techniques that make it very simple.


Our goal is to help your young player make their middle or high school team. We do this through our full-service program.


In Austin youth Basketball

Yes, Impact is a certified AAU program. We help you achieve your goals one day at a time. #impactbball

Yes, Impact is a certified AAU program. We help you achieve your goals one day at a time. #impactbball.


Ball Handling

Ball handling is the focal point of what we teach on the court. Becoming a great player you must be a very good ball handler. This allows you to do many things on the court and to be a more effective player for your team. Being a great ball-handler allows coaches to place you in multiple positions.

As a coach, I always look to find great ball handlers not just point guard but at all passions, it allows me to do many things with my offense. When your child leaves our program and goes back to their school team we make sure that they understand how to dribble a ball, and how to be effective when the ball is in their hands.

Defensive Awareness

I’ve always felt offense keeps you in the game defense wins championships. The defense is one of the hardest skills in basketball, and this is because most athletes prefer just to score and not actually play defense. If you look through the years and research any sport, there aren’t many teams that have become champions without playing defense.

We teach the fundamentals of defending a player. We teach man-to-man, zone, and full-court press. These are some of the most common defenses played by many middle school basketball and high school programs.


The biggest challenge is when you take what you have learned through and implement it and make it a part of your game. Challenging yourself to become a better player can be a daunting task, that is why we focus on building these skills to make you a complete player.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Is AAU basketball hard?

AAU basketball is VERY competitive, so you will come across other AAU programs with players that are better than them. This means there will be tough losses and tough games individually.

Do AAU coaches get paid?

Do AAU coaches get paid? Team Insurance- Each team needs to have team insurance and the cost is typically around $100 for a season.  Tournament Fees- Teams have to pay to enter tournaments. A coach can make $50 to $250 a practice and can make $100 to $1,000 per weekend tournament.

What is the AAU basketball season?

The main stretch of AAU Austin basketball runs from February until July; immediately following the end of the high school season. Although there are still many tournaments played throughout the entire year (including during the high school season).

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We are a year-round program for girls and boys. Girls starting at 5th grade through high school. Boys starting at grade 4th through high school.

What does AAU mean in basketball?

Amateur Athletic Union

The Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) is a nonprofit organization based in the United States. AAU targets the promotion and development of young athletes in many Austin sports

Is AAU basketball better than high school?

AAU is an excellent outlet for fans and coaches to see top talent playing together in the same building. Compared to high school ball, there is only one game per night, and all of the top talents might not be playing that night.

How do I join an AAU team?

We have tryouts 4 times a year. Grades 4th through 8th have 4 tryouts per year. High School has 3 tryouts per year.

Do you have to pay for AAU basketball?

AAU  does not come cheap. Depending on the team, families can expect to pay $400 to $4,000 per summer to play, including uniforms. … Most programs offer financial assistance for students that need it, but normally it only covers the cost to join the team, not the peripheral and all the activities.

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